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Considerations when buying a new boiler

If you are thinking about buying a new boiler, you should take some time to consider your options. A new boiler can be expensive and with the average cost of boiler repairs standing at around £200, an unreliable boiler can be a big mistake.

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On the other hand, a reliable boiler will last for many years without needing repairs. According to GoCompare, boilers can last for up to 15 years, making the right boiler a worthwhile investment.

Here is everything you need to know about buying a reliable boiler.

Types of boiler to choose from

There are three types of boiler that you can choose from. The first type is a heat-only boiler, which requires a hot water tank that will store the hot water. The second option is a system boiler, which is like a heat-only boiler but with a few more components. This means that system boilers tend to take up less space, which is ideal for people who live alone or in small flats or homes.

The final type of boiler is a combination boiler. This heats water from the actual boiler, so you do not need a water storage tank. This is a popular option, as it is space efficient and contemporary in appearance.

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If you want to find out which boiler brands will be the most reliable in your home, you can use a review website to find out which boiler is likely to last the longest and need the least repairs.

Arranging boiler installation

Many people overlook the boiler installation part of the process; however, this stage is crucial. This is because the system needs to be properly cleaned and prepared beforehand for the installation. If this is not done, it could impact the effectiveness of the new boiler.

It is also important to choose a professional installation company so that the boiler is properly installed. If you are looking for a company that specialises in boiler installation in Gloucester, check out firms such as hprservicesltd.com.

It can be tempting to save money by installing the boiler yourself, but this is not recommended. Installation is a complex job that requires professional knowledge. If you try to install the boiler yourself and something goes wrong, it is likely that you will have to pay for expensive repairs.

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