Cleaning bricks and concrete with a jet washer

Hardscapes are an excellent addition to add to your outdoor area. They make attractive driveways and patios, as long as they’re kept in good condition. It’s important that they are cleaned correctly, because improper cleaning can cause a lot of damage. Here’s how to keep your outdoor space looking great all year round.

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Choosing the right pressure and nozzle tip

For the majority of masonry cleaning jobs, a pressure washer with 3000psi and 3gpm will be ideal. It’s important not to damage the surface of the hardscape. Choose a tip with a wide angle to avoid this. Setting up your pressure washer Is a relatively simple process.

Areas with daily shadow will more than likely build up mould and algae, especially during the colder seasons. By using the correct technique, you’ll be able to eradicate this build up quickly. However, using the wrong tip can damage older areas, so it’s essential to use the right technique.

There are many products available for masonry cleaning by Stone Health and other brands, and for those who aren’t sure which is best for their hardscape, companies like Stone Health can offer advice.

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Masonry cleaning techniques

It’s a straightforward process to clean bricks and patios if you use the right technique. Firstly, start at one end of the hardscape, and clean in a consistent and even motion. You’ll need to hold the pressure cleaner tip at about 12” to get the best results.

The technique will lessen the chances of streaking, as well as prevent surface damage. The spray should be kept at an angle which will prevent the force of the water from damaging the surface. Direct the run of the water to a previous area as you move on.

To loosen debris from the surface, use a broom or a wide spray tip.

Further considerations

Larger areas can be harder to clean, and there are attachments to assist in the process. A rotating sweeping accessory cleans large areas efficiently without having to exert much effort.

There are options to rent or buy pressure washers. While renting a washer may seem like a better short-term option, buying one is more cost-effective in the long term, especially as you are likely to use the pressure washer several times a year.