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Can You Name Eight Types of Lorry?

If you want to be a lorry driver, then it may surprise you to learn that there are as many as eight different types of lorry. Knowing which type you want to drive will determine which industry you work in, so see below for our handy guide to eight different types of lorry.

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According to the Road Hauliers Association, there is a shortage of HGV drivers, and haulage companies need to do more to recruit people. Now could be the perfect time for this type of work, and knowing which type of HGV driving you want to do is important.

Lorries for a Specific Purpose

Tipper trucks mainly work at waste sites, and as the vehicle raises its trailer, dropping off loads at waste sites is easier and quicker. Tankers transport things like fuel, which can be dangerous for the driver and for other road users. They can also be targeted by thieves, who try to steal whatever is contained in the tanks. Trucks that have mounted cranes tend to work in the construction industry, while transporters are used to move cars and vehicles from one place to another.

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General HGV Vehicles

Walking-floor trucks can move bulky products on pallets, which can then be moved off the truck by pushing a button. Flatbed lorries are used to move large items such as pieces of metal or wood. These should be securely attached to the lorry, making this the safest mode of transport. Curtainsiders are used by hauliers to transport different things, as they can be easily put into the vehicle on pallets and the name of the haulage firm is usually printed on the ‘curtain’ side of the lorry. Moffets are similar but are a type of forklift that can handle much heavier loads and load and unload goods more quickly.

If you are planning a career as a HGV driver, you will need HGV Insurance such as that offered by https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/hgv-insurance. You will also need a licence specific to the type of vehicle that you want to drive.

As long as you can handle the size of vehicle and the driving, then a career as a HGV driver could be for you. Hopefully, this has helped you to decide what type of vehicle and what type of industry would be right for you.

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