Can You Build Your Brand Identity in Just Five Days?

Can You Build Your Brand Identity in Just Five Days?

Before the rise of social media, a company’s image was embodied by their logo and slogan. Social media technologies allow businesses to relate to their clients by telling a story – a story that consumers are a part of, tweeting and Instagramming the good and bad. Is it possible to master this art of building a distinctive and cohesive brand identity in just five days?

Can You Build Your Brand Identity in Just Five Days

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Day 1: Define Yourself

You know what your business is all about, but what separates it from the others? What we’re looking for is a unique selling proposition, something that makes people come back to your business specifically. Your customers naturally expect you to fulfil your promises, but it’s their feelings about the experience of interacting with your brand that will make or break this relationship.

Day 2: Set the Tone

List the characteristics and attributes of your target market. Who are they in terms of age, gender, income and so on? What do they need from you? How and where will you interact with them – online, or in bricks-and-mortar stores? Once your target is defined, set out how you will approach them, tell your story and get them involved.

Day 3: Inject Your Brand with Your Own Personality

Customers are real people. They want to interact with other people, not cold and impersonal corporations. To create a compelling brand that speaks to people, you should mix your brand with your own personality. Do this by listing your own character traits and passions and look for intersections with your business where you can infuse the latter with your own personality.

Day 4: Be Professional and Consistent

Engaging in a relationship requires trust. To facilitate trust, your brand must appear professional. A strategy innovation agency can help you draw up a marketing strategy. What is a strategy innovation agency? These branding experts bring a fresh pair of eyes to ensure that your brand reaches its full potential.

Day 5: Engender Loyalty with Consistency

To develop consumer loyalty to your business, you must be loyal to your brand. Consistency is key, not only in communications and marketing output, but also in the media employed. If your audience is based on Facebook, make sure to focus on creating a consistent presence there. Don’t become complacent – relationships require work and commitment!