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Brands to look for when buying a guitar

If you’re coming to the guitar for the first time and are in the market for buying one, you’ll want to know how to sort the best from the not so great instrument for your needs. Whether you’re in the market for an electric or acoustic guitar, it’s a good idea to learn about the top brands. These are the guitar makers who have earned their reputation over the years producing some of the best quality instruments and played by some of the most iconic guitarists ever.

Some manufacturers have been making instruments for more than a century and you’ve probably heard of them many times before. Your choice will depend on your requirements and whether manufacturers offer a good match for your needs. Of huge importance is choosing a guitar that you know has been properly inspected, tuned and adjusted for ultimate intonation and tone production. There is nothing worse than feeling impeded in your learning to play because your instrument has been poorly put together or not set up correctly for you. Choose reputable Gloucester Guitar shops like https://www.guitarsmiths.co.uk/

There are many manufacturers, not only the most well-known brands. Finding the right instrument for you can be a lengthy process, so you should spend some time researching as much as possible, understanding your needs and exploring all the different options out there. If you’re interested in going straight in with the best in the world, then here are the top ten most respected makes available:

For acoustic guitars:











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For electric guitars:











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Of course, if you can’t find the right instrument from brands, don’t despair as there are dozens more to browse. Guitars vary hugely by type, depending on what type of music you prefer to play. For example, rock musicians tend to choose Fenders, whereas a blues or jazz player might feel an Ibanez is better suited. Some are specifically designed for beginners, while others will offer higher levels of customisation for advanced players.

The comfort of the instrument is as important as the sound when it comes to choosing a new guitar. In general, heavier woods create a richer and fuller tone. You’ll want to consider the quality and weight of the wood, how it impacts the sound and the differences between weights and woods. On deciding which is the best guitar brand to buy, opinions are highly subjective and based on individual experience.

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