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Best Practices in HTML5 Game Development in 2016

The introduction of HTML5 has done a great deal to streamline development of games because it’s platform independent. It doesn’t matter whether the device is a PC, smartphone or tablet, HTML5 code will work on all of them provided they have a browser.

Best Practices in HTML5 Game Development in 2016

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Browser developers have been quick to recognise this trend and are busily extending the capabilities of their software to support the latest HTML5 features. If you’re developing a game, therefore, HTML5 deserves a serious look, but you do need to observe some best practices to make it a success.


For online video slot developers to ensure that their games run smoothly, a framework is essential. This sets the rules for the development and provides all of the common code that the game needs to run, load files and so on, so that it doesn’t have to be rewritten each time.

There are a number of different frameworks available, so it’s important to select the one that you’re most comfortable with but that also provides the features you need.

Save Me!

Games played in browsers tend to be used on a casual basis, so it can be quite frustrating if you have to return to the start each time you reload. Best practice for developers is therefore to save the gamer’s position regularly so that when they come back they can pick up more or less where they left off.

Size Matters

As we’ve already said, HTML5 allows games to run on any type of device. It’s therefore crucial for developers like http://www.revolvergaming.com to consider how the software is going to look on different-sized screens. To run successfully on smaller phone screens as well as larger PC and tablet ones, a game needs to support multiple resolutions. Video games have evolved dramatically, and users demand a quality playing experience whichever device they’re using.

Think Big

Although they’re suited to small devices, that doesn’t mean the scope of your HTML5 game has to be small. The value of having an innovative idea has never been greater. If you can come up with a game that looks and feel different from everything else online – even though it may have some of the same underlying ideas – then you have much more chance of its becoming a sales success.

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