Avoid these website navigation mistakes for better conversions

Having a successful website is not just about making it look nice; in addition, it must be simple for users to find what they are looking for. Importantly, straightforward navigation helps to achieve the goals of your website, including boosting conversions. Here are some common website navigation mistakes to avoid.

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A confusing journey

Visitors to your website will click off if they struggle to find what they are looking for. Your navigation should be clear and straightforward and it should not take users long to suss out where they need to go to find the right information. This is especially important if you offer emergency style services such as Blocked Drains Bristol  way. When people are already stressed and worried they don’t want to be spending time trying to find the relevant page on your website.

According to Entrepreneur, there should be a navigation bar along the left side or top of the page so that it will always be visible, regardless of the screen resolution. You will find adding a straightforward site map in your main navigation bar or footer gives users the opportunity to easily see every page on your site.

Not using a search bar

If your website provides lots of information, or you sell a wide range of products, users may be unsure where to head to when they land on your site. For quick and helpful guidance, a search bar can prove a vital tool to assist with the navigation process.

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Lack of consistency

Inconsistency throughout a website, whether this relates to key design elements or themes, can confuse visitors and make them leave your pages. This is particularly important if you are a recognised brand and visitors already have expectations about what your site should look like. Scour your website to ensure that you have adopted a consistent design and approach throughout your pages. In addition to checking the larger features, be sure to comb through the finer details to ensure uniformity.

Excessive options

You might think that the more options you give users on your site, the better this will be for them; however, rather than improving navigation or providing users with more choice, you could end up leaving them baffled. Too many options create indecision, which may encourage users to switch off. Instead, stick to the most essential elements and prioritise what is important to your audience.