Are these the strangest deliveries ever?

Postal and delivery services have come a long way in the last decade as the public has become more familiar (and comfortable) with ordering goods online. These days you could pretty much live comfortably without ever having to leave your house if it came to it.

Having items delivered directly to your door is the ultimate in convenience, no need to find parking or carry heavy and bulky bags home. There’s no wonder that nearly 80% of Brits enjoy online shopping every year.

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Typically popular delivery items

Online stores selling clothes, toys, electrical and general household items are popular, and plenty of bricks and mortar businesses have expanded to offer a home delivery service to grab their share of this growing market. Food is another huge delivery market, especially for the weekly grocery shop, an evening takeaway, or a bargain supply of pet food.

The other side of delivery services

While online orders make up a good percentage of deliveries, the other aspect involves items members of the public want to send. Companies such as Bracknell couriers typically deal with things like gifts, and work related documents, offering an expedited service if needed. However, sometimes people use such services to send some very odd things indeed.


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Some of the strangest deliveries ever recorded

Early 20th century Americans found it more cost effective to buy bricks to build a new house in one state and used the post to ship them to another, without thought for the crippling weight of each box ( Around the same time, enterprising parents even mailed their own kids from one place to another as it was cheaper than buying the poor things a train ticket.

Brits tend to be more concerned about pets and food. Some companies have reported (impossible to fulfill) requests for dead cats and homesick hamsters to be sent to holiday-making owners, while others have tried to send hot dinners. More successful was the family who sent for cranberry sauce to add to their Christmas lunch in the Caribbean, or the Scottish jokers who sent a banana, with stamps on its skin, on an 81 mile journey, which it survived remarkably intact!

No doubt the number of weird things people try to send will grow, providing plenty more funny stories to share on the net.