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Advances in reproduction mean everyone can own a masterpiece

Original works of art have always commanded higher esteem and value than copies or replicas; however, advances in reproduction are slowly closing the gap between originals and copies. As reproduction technology improves, everyone could soon have the chance to affordably own one of the world’s classic masterpieces.

Advances in reproduction mean everyone can own a masterpiece

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The changing shape of technology

As laser scanners and 3D printers become increasingly high tech, the options for printing are getting more sophisticated, with artwork reproduction becoming more precise than ever before. Some museums are already making use of this technology to display works of art that are superior quality replicas without anyone spotting any differences.

Wider reproduction options

As this technology becomes more readily available and affordable, it opens the door to allow more people access to high-quality reproduction possibilities; in fact, three-dimensional scanning is already within reach of anyone who has an iPad.

Free apps also already exist, such as Autodesk 123D Catch, that let you easily capture detailed 3D images by taking pictures of objects from different angles. An online catalogue of 3D patterns called Thingiverse also contains a wide range of ‘hacked’ artwork from top museums throughout the world. For just the relatively small cost of purchasing a 3D printer, anyone can replicate these classic images.

Advances in reproduction mean everyone can own a masterpiece2

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Reproduction capabilities

The new breed of reproduction technology will enable precision as never before – so much so that it will be able to replicate artwork right down to each individual brush stroke or chisel point. Microscopic routers will be able to copy subtle textures, while brush-wielding machines will be adept at rebuilding every brush stroke.

As the technology is developing, choosing the best artwork scanning company for the job will be a priority for those requiring high-quality replicas. Artwork scanning companies such as http://www.river-studio.com/artwork-copying/artwork-copying-reproduction.php will inevitably see a rise in demand for their services as more people seek to own identical copies of the classics.

It is not only being the owner of an exact replica that will appeal to many people but also being able to touch the artwork – something not possible with original masterpieces. This will give art enthusiasts a new appreciation of the piece by examining the feel of individual brush strokes. Museums will be able to obtain complete replica works of art by an artist or collection.

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