A night out in Dublin: the perfect itinerary

A night out in Dublin: the perfect itinerary

Offering the best ‘craic’ in the world, few cities in Europe offer quite the same experience as a night out in Dublin. Read on for our perfect itinerary.

A night out in Dublin

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Literary tour

Before the real night begins, work up an appetite with an early evening walk around the city. The compact size of the city centre makes this an easy feat. As the city that gave birth to James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Beckett, in addition to being the home of the Book of Kells, it only seems right to follow in their footsteps with a Dublin literary tour. Finding such a tour in Dublin is easy; simply locate a tourist information centre and the staff will let you know about any occurring that evening.

Guinness brewery

This one is an alternative to a literary tour rather than an additional activity. Catch the last brewery tour of the day before heading out to eat and find out all about the fascinating history of the black stuff. After a tour you always get to taste the delights of this world-famous drink.

Eating out

Dublin may not have the international reputation as a foodie haven as cities such as Rome, London or Paris, but the reality is that there are many places to enjoy as good a meal. There is literally every cuisine in the world to choose; for example, there are a number of great Italian restaurants in Dublin, with award-winning options such as www.toscanarestaurant.ie a particular highlight. Alternatively, wholesome Irish cooking can be found at the many traditional pubs.

Temple Bar

No part of Dublin’s pub scene is more famous than Temple Bar – and no, this doesn’t refer to one bar. It is actually the name of an area in Old Dublin where a number of traditional Irish pubs are found. Impromptu live music gigs, folk jamming sessions and a fair amount of Guinness drinking and putting the world to rights occur every night in the Temple Bar area.


The clubbing scene in Dublin is consistent – consistently good, that is. While it may not be the home of cutting-edge dance clubs like London, there are plenty of options within the town centre. Thanks to the convivial nature of the local population, you can always rely on having a great time.