7 design tips for your bedroom

What do you want your bedroom to be? A minimalist oasis or a maximalist shrine to luxury? So often our bedrooms are neither, being simply a functional space to sleep. Here are seven design tips for bringing style to the bedroom.

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1. Keep circulation simple

Hotel rooms have a simple layout that allows for easy circulation around the room because it works. Keep the layout simple and as symmetrical as possible. You should always be able to access three sides of the mattress with plenty of room for night tables and other furniture.

2. A room with a view

If your bedroom has a beautiful view, then make the most of it. Try and devise a layout that really makes the most of the view however stunning or simple it is. If your bedroom has a dual aspect, make sure you maximise the design to take advantage of it.

3. Great storage is a must

A great bedroom design stands and falls on the quality of the storage. Dorset fitted wardrobes from a renowned company like https://www.lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/ elevate your bedroom design from good to great. Crave even more space? Then get creative with dead space and use trunks and under bed storage boxes.

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4. Create glamour with layered bedding

Whether you keep it understated and neutral and play with with different textures, or you experiment with pattern and colour, layering up your bedding is the quickest way to create some glamour in the bedroom. Pillows, throws, runners and cushions can all contribute to the sense of luxury and comfort.

5. Experiment with lighting

If you want a chandelier in the bedroom then hang one. There are no rules when it comes to lighting the bedroom, except that different levels of lighting are a must. Invest in a dimmer switch and beautiful lamps, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of light fixture over the bed and over the dressing table.

6. Pick a perfect palette

Your bedroom should exude calm and comfort, so pick a palette that you love. Sand, gold and bronze add luxury, where blues and greens are serene.

7. Your favourite things

Ditch the tech. Instead surround yourself with art and objects you love so you can fall asleep and wake up surrounded by familiar and beautiful things. It’s the best start to the day.