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6 More Essential Questions to Ask Any Wedding Venue Before You Book

There are six more things every bride and groom should ask a wedding venue before they decide to book. And they are…

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1. What About Food?

If your desired location is a stately home with a famous restaurant attached or even an abandoned castle, you should never make assumptions about the catering situation. Many venues rent out their rooms but couldn’t possibly offer catering while the restaurant is operational. Others might even have a ‘no hot food’ policy. It has happened.

2. Can I Get Married Here?

This is not a joke question. If you intend to hold both the ceremony and the reception in the same place, you’ll need to make sure the location is licensed. In England and Wales, the venue needs to be licensed – not just the person leading the ceremony. Don’t wait for the registrar to ask if anyone has any objections! This is never the time to find out.

3. Who Is My Main Contact?

Be sure you know your POC for your venue and that you have a good rapport already. You don’t need a little passive-aggressive jealousy getting in the way of your arrangements.

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4. Is the Preferred Provider List Just Recommendations or Obligatory?

Some venues such as stately homes, museums, historic sites and other places on the Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue list have strict rules about who can and can’t operate on their premises. So if your pre-chosen caterer isn’t on there, you’ll need to think again. On the flip side, using a vendor who knows the venue like the back of their hand is a huge advantage.

5. And If It Rains?

If your preferred venue has a beautiful outdoor setting such as the one at https://www.hatton-court.co.uk/gloucester-cotswolds-weddings, that’s lovely, but for a British summer wedding, you’ll need to see this option only as a possibility. Make sure the indoor space is beautiful too.

6. Where’s the Parking?

In the big day excitement, we often forget not everyone is being driven up to the door in a classic car. So ask about parking and make sure there’s enough of it. Likewise, the loos should be close to your reception room and not in another venue user’s space. Nothing kills the wedding mood like walking through a marketing conference.

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