Practical Solutions to gain space in your garage

Homeowners often struggle for space. The typical house does not have much space to begin with and we pay a lot for it; therefore, it is vital to make the most of what we have.

5 ways to get the most working space from your garage

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The garage is fought over for storage, workshop space and – as an afterthought – somewhere for the car. With a little preparation, you can have all three.

Tool organisers

If you do not hang tools where you can find them, you only have yourself to blame. This is also a great space saver and there is nothing you cannot hang on a wall these days, including children’s bikes.

Roof space

Unless you are 7’ tall, there is probably a huge swathe of absolutely nothing above your head. If there are rafters, you will only need some planks across to create oodles of space. If your garage is metal framed or has a plastered ceiling, you will have to be a little more industrious to fit shelves; however, this is a cheap and easy job. You can obtain advice at your local DIY shop about suitable plugs and brackets.

There is one thing to keep in mind when filling the roof space – make sure it is not needed by the door mechanism as it opens. If your current door is wasting potential storage space, replacing it with a different type makes sense. Watford garage door repairs and replacements are available from specialists such as

Another good reason to change your garage door is that garage burglaries are soaring across greater Watford, with 2016 seeing an increase of a massive 38 per cent. Hardest hit areas include Hackney, Camden, Islington, Greenwich, Westminster and Harlow. Now that you are finding space for things in your garage, it makes sense to increase security.

Wheeled workbenches

Home workbenches are rarely in the right position and it is likely that you are constantly dragging yours into the garden. Add wheels and your workbench is easily stored against a wall until needed.

Castors on everything

Heavy items stop you adapting your garage as your requirements change; therefore, make sure you can move bulky items easily by fitting wheels or castors.

Folding worktops

If there is not enough space for the car, storage and a static workbench, build work surfaces that fold down from the wall.