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5 steps to a successful office fit out

Choosing to move offices, or have them refurbished, is a big decision. It has a major financial impact on your organisation, and the move itself is disruptive and stressful. But here are the first of our tips on how to ensure success when you refit your office.

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It’s a Project

Treat it like any other internal project, and choose a project manager and a team for them to lead. You will need people you can trust to stay calm and to consider the full impact of the project on themselves and others.

Time & Motion

Spend some time looking at how your current office layout is used. What works well, and what doesn’t? Think about the ideal workflow: Where should the printer be to make sure everyone can get to it? Should there be communal spaces for those jobs that need extra desk space? Consult with everyone affected and get their opinions too. Office fit out companies will also offer their opinions, based on experience.


Is there enough space in your current office, or do you need to move to another location? Office fit out companies Mobius at work and others may be able to make your existing space more efficient. Alternatively, consulting with local estate agents to look for new space should bring up some more suitable locations.

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Choosing a Company

If you haven’t already consulted with your choice of office fit out companies, now is the time to choose one. Recommendations are perhaps the easiest way to find a reliable contractor, so reach out in your network to any businesses you know that have recently had a refit. The NASITF is the trade association for businesses like these http://www.shopfitters.org/.


Now it’s time to get the whole team together and talk about the overall design, not just on a practical level, but also in terms of what the colour scheme and aesthetic should be. You should think about what you want the office to say about your company; does your business need you to look conventional and secure, or do you want to give visitors the impression that you are modern and creative? This is the time when you can put your stamp on your space.

These are just the early steps – more advice will follow in a separate post!

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