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5 more web design trends to expect this year

We’ve already looked at five top web design trends that are expected to be big throughout 2017, and here we look at five more trends that you’ll be seeing in the coming months.

5 more web design trends to expect this year

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1 Motion provides meaning

It’s one of the guiding principles of Google’s Material Design project, and the use of meaningful motion is going to be everywhere this year. In a move away from the Parallax Scrolling trend of the past two years, meaningful motion is carefully created to enhance the user experience.

Done correctly, motion incorporated into a website’s design allows the user to engage fully with the brand, effortlessly scrolling through options to reach the desired selection.

2 Progressive Web Apps

Also known as PWAs, Progressive Web Apps make it easy to access your favourite mobile web pages, even when you’re offline. The website downloads a shell the first time you access it, which makes it easier to view the next time, as the basic site is already stored on your device. You don’t need to visit an app store, but you can have access to your information whenever you want.

According to econsultancy, PWAs are fast, reliable, responsive and fresh, making them one of the hottest trends for 2017.

3 Appropriate website images

There are thousands upon thousands of stock photographs available on the internet, and 2017 is going to see web designers becoming more proactive in their choices. Far too many websites are spoiled by lazy or ineffective choices in photography.

Creating the perfect digital images for a website is a specialised field and is best left to the experts. Whether you’re looking for great web design in South Devon or Southampton, it’s best to source a recognised agency, such as http://www.igoweb.co.uk/igoweb-website-design/website-design, that will design a site to your exact specifications.

4 Minimalism

We’ve all seen busy sites filled with images, animations and a variety of fonts. Sites like these simply don’t translate well onto smartphone screens, hence the current trend for ‘less is more’. Clear, uncluttered screens with intuitive navigation are at the top of the web design wishlist for 2017.

5 Fonts

As part of Google’s Material Design project, all fonts in its open source library are being revamped. Now it’s easier than ever to configure and preview fonts and view them against a choice of backgrounds.

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