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5 more tricks to clean a dry wipe board

Everybody knows someone who has written on a dry wipe board with the wrong type of marker. You may have done it yourself in a meeting, or a student could have made the mistake in the classroom; whichever way it happened, you can bet that the person who was left to clean it was not particularly happy. With these tricks, cleaning those stubborn stains from the dry wipe board may not be as much of an issue as before. Let’s take a look at what can be used.

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Unsurprisingly, vinegar is a great solution when cleaning whiteboards. It can be used for almost anything around the house – just make sure it is diluted with water first. Take note of how to use it effectively and what you should and shouldn’t use it for.

Coffee grinds

For those who prefer to make their own brew in the morning rather than relying on instant coffee, make sure you save the coffee grounds. Although this is a slightly more messy way of getting a clean dry wipe board, coffee grounds work to break down the stain and remove it completely. Just make sure you give the board a good clean afterwards to avoid streaks of coffee.


Predominantly found in the US, this topical pain relief cream is much like the deep heat relief treatments found in the UK. The added alcohol is the secret in helping to remove stains, with its abrasiveness doing a similar job to toothpaste.

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Toothpaste is a handy product to bear in mind as a cleaning tool. It can be used on many non-porous surfaces, including school dry wipe magnetic whiteboards, to get rid of any unsightly stains. It doesn’t even need to be a specific type. If you have a dry wipe board from a specialist such as https://wedgewhiteboards.co.uk/, use regular toothpaste and it won’t only be your teeth that are sparkling clean.


Another US product, Comet can be found in the UK; however, it may be easier to find a similar product, such as Ajax, to do the same job. This cleaning powder is abrasive, so will work wonders on those stains you thought would be there forever. Just add a little elbow grease and the stains will disappear.

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