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5 Benefits of Attending Weekly Group Fitness Classes

By now, everyone knows that working out at least twenty to thirty minutes everyday is critical for a healthy, well balanced lifestyle. Many people also know that they don’t have the time or the scheduling skills to pull off a daily workout. It’s understandable – we all work, have families and lead busy lives. This is why taking a weekly group fitness class can be so beneficial – if you can’t work out once a day, why not make up for it once a week? Here are five benefits of attending weekly group fitness classes.

  1. Motivating force. Indeed, heading to the gym on your own fruition can be a drag sometimes. Even on a day where you have nothing to do – you would much rather be lounging around than pushing yourself on an elliptical machine. However, what if you had somewhere to go? What if you had an obligation that you jotted down in your calendar? This is where group fitness comes in – having somewhere to be is a huge motivating factor. Plus, there is a good chance that you paid for the courses, so you would be losing money if you didn’t go.
  2. Personal trainers. Most group fitness classes have personal trainers that lead the work out. These trainers have a curriculum of sorts. So, if your class is an hour long, you may have a warm out in the beginning and then work your way up to some weight lifting exercises. Not only can a trainer push you forward, they can also help you focus on some of the more important exercises you should be doing.
  3. Better facilities. In a weekly gym class, you will mostly likely have state-of-the-art equipment and you will also have a cleaner environment. There is also a good chance that the gym owner went to a rubber floor mat retailer, like Treadall Gym and Fitness Mats Canada, to line the ground with impact-resistant padding. If you go to a regular public gym, you often won’t get the best equipment or facilities.
  4. It’s affordable. Joining a gym can be expensive, especially if you don’t end up going. Many gyms have a monthly or annual fee, so it requires you to actually show up if you want to get your money’s worth. A weekly gym class, however, is usually a one-time fee – you pay per class. This can often be much more economical and you get your money’s worth.
  5. When you head to a gym to get your workout, you are usually doing it solo. This can feel a little bit embarrassing and you may feel self-conscious. In a gym class, you are with other people that are in it to win it and don’t really care about what you look like, so you get a much better sense of belonging. In the end, it can o feel much more comforting to head to the gym when you know that you’ll be getting your workout with other people on a similar level to you.


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