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2018’s hottest window trends

If you’re wanting to update your windows before the cold weather hits, now is the time to find your inspiration. With many styles becoming more popular this year, we take a look at some of the biggest and best window trends that 2018 has to offer.

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Energy efficient

These types of windows have become extremely popular in recent years with homeowners set on saving money. Look out for the BREEAM certificate and choose a window that has low U-values to maximise its efficiency.

Dark frames

This ultra modern look has been seen more and more in contemporary interior design, so it is no surprise that homeowners are wanting to incorporate it into their own space. Whether you go for completely black frames or add a subtle touch of white, this is one of the more dramatic, yet stylish window options out there.

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Big windows

Floor to ceiling windows have been a large part of interior design trends for a while now, however, this year sees more and more homes being adorned with large windows. The simplicity of a large, clean window works extremely well to not only give your home masses of light but as a stylish option that will stand the test of time. Do bear in mind that large windows can be expensive to repair so research Leicester emergency glaziers such as https://www.nanduglass.co.uk/boarding-up/ to see how much this type of window could cost to repair or replace.


In contrast to the large open window, windows which incorporate lines are also seeing a surge in popularity. Crisp, clean lines have been used regularly in shop windows, but this trend is now making its way to the home. Whilst it may not be the best choice for small, dark spaces, rooms which have lots of light may benefit from this stylish modern choice.

Whilst most of those looking to improve their home will rope in the services of a professional, others may prefer to get the job done themselves. When it comes to windows, there are certain regulations that must be adhered to, so ensure that you take a look before taking on such a big job.

So with 2018’s window trends becoming more and more popular, will you take advantage and incorporate one of these styles into your home sometime soon?


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