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10 mistakes to avoid when you create your new business website

There are some web and HTML design mistakes that are made repeatedly. They will frustrate users and ultimately damage your business. These are the 10 that you should avoid.

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Over-reliance on PDF files

If a website is packed with PDF files, it can make it very hard to quickly navigate through the information. This type of format is best for manuals and lengthy documents only.

A poor search facility

Search engines can be too literal. This gets in the way of the understanding of grammar and typo errors that all users make at some time.

Being able to tell where you’ve been

Users on the web are often in a hurry. They prefer their links to change colour when they have clicked on them, so they know where they have already been and don’t repeatedly visit the same page.

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Offputting blocks of text

Make website information accessible by breaking up the text with subheadings, infographics and bullet points. According to the BBC’s guidance for writing for the web, you can use subheadings to interest and intrigue your readers.

Offputting font size

Some readers will prefer a larger font size. To satisfy the reader, let them adjust the size as they need to. DoodleIT, experts in web design in North Wales, can advise on how to do this.

Check what appears on search engines

Check what appears when your site is listed in search engine result pages. Is it what you want people to read about your company?

Don’t look like an advert

Users are put off by anything that looks too much like an advert. They will simply click onto another site.

Go for consistency

Users like to know what they will get when they click on your site. This helps to build brand loyalty. Professional web designers, such as http://www.doodleit.co.uk/, can build a consistent theme for you.

Don’t open page links in a new window

Most users like to return to your page by hitting the “back” button. If your site opens links in another window, this could irritate and confuse them.

Keep your promises

If your site claims that it will answer a question or solve a problem, make sure that it does just that.

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