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What made Concorde a supersonic option

Once upon a time, Johanna Weber and Dietrich Kuchermann, two German designers, had an idea. They wanted to design a Plane that made use of delta wings. These were adjoining swept back wings on a fixed base. They believed the design would enable the creation of a plane that could travel at supersonic speeds, In other words, faster than the speed of sound. As luck would have it, Sir Morein Morgan had been charged by the director of the Royal Aircraft Establishment to look into the possibility of finding the same. The aeroplane they came up with was the Concorde, a combination of the UK and French designs. It would have needed a considerable amount of Plasma Spray,  like that from Poetons, to protect the many delicate parts on the plane.

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What was the point of Concorde? It did look quite a splendid aircraft. It had a long sleek body, little more than a compact tube, with a high tail fin. Weber and Kuchermann had studied the effects of the XF-92, an experimental jet plane that Chuck Yeager had just managed to get to Mach 1. Working in a world of pure theory, the two designers postulated that if the wing could run almost the entire length of the fuselage, then the speeds needed may well be within their grasp. They pitched the idea to Morein Morgan, and with the consent of the test pilot Eric Brown, for whatever they proposed he would fly, the project to build Conco stiller really began.

Why was the Ministry of Supply so interested in developing a supersonic plane? There was no call for it in the 1960s when the idea was mooted. People were happy to take twin props to the continent, or rather stay at home in England and go to the coast.

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However. The governments of both countries wanted a super fast plane, the reasons for which are both to do with defence and with other military gains at the time. As the two ancient enemies, France and England, began to work closely, the world watched, astounded as the plane took shape.

Despite being a technological masterpiece, the lack of practical uses for Concorde soon became. It was a toy of the super-rich and not for regular use.

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