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What are the best mowing techniques?

Most people aim to create stripes when they cut their grass. The light and dark stripes demonstrate care and sophistication. Or do they?

What the stripes actually show is a lawn cut in parallel lines with a roller. Whilst it looks good, it is usually applied to hide a myriad of imperfections and grass discolouration. If the technique is not done well, it can end up looking rather scruffy.

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Lawn mowers are not really designed to move back and forth in this way. It is time-consuming, difficult with a rotary style machine and actually quite risky with a hover mower. If you have objects to move around or a garden that isn’t perfectly rectangular, this technique can prove difficult to achieve.

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If you want to attempt this technique, ensure you never leave the engine running unattended with the blades disengaged. When working with an electric mower, always make sure the cable is adequately distanced from where you are manoeuvring.

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Another sensible tip is to always wear solid, sturdy footwear. If the grass is even slightly damp, don some wellingtons. Never be tempted to cut the grass in flip flops or barefoot!

Once you have finished, it’s a good idea to clean the mower to prevent a build up of grass clogging the parts. Sort out any faults there and then, so you don’t face issues next time you plan to use the machine. Before working on an electric mower, ensure it is unplugged and for a diesel mower, turned off at the fuel supply.

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