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Tribler, the anonymous BitTorrent “impossible to close” adds its own blockchain to reward those who share the most

An anonymous, decentralized BitTorrent client, with the protection of using encryption like Tor’s , and now also with its own blockchain to know how much users share and reward them according to that.

This is Tribler , the open source program to share files via P2P that has been in development for more than a decade, and which we have talked about before to create an anonymous and “impossible to close” BitTorrent.

Tribler started making a lot more noise during the beginning of The Pirate Bay’s problems and when the entertainment industry pursued the torrent aggregators more.

Tribler showed that it is possible to create a decentralized network, that is, it does not depend on central servers like those of a single site. No matter how many Kickass Torrents and pirate bays are closed, Tribler will survive because all indexed files come from other users sharing.

Rewarding the seeders with tokens

Trust statistics, that’s how they look when you have not shared or downloaded anything.

Now the team behind Tribler has integrated its own chain of blocks into the protocol, another example of how blockchain technologies can be used beyond cryptocurrencies .

With Tribler 7.0 the torrent client will allow users to earn tokens by helping others. The way to help is simple, sharing. One of the most common problems when downloading torrents is the number of people who do not seeding , those who simply take advantage of the file and once downloaded they close the client or delete the torrent.

The only way to keep a file alive in a P2P network is by sharing, if nobody seedsthere is no where to download the parts. Tribler will use its own blockchain to measure anonymously that both users share and reward them accordingly.

Your tokens will reward you with faster downloads and also show that you contribute to the community . With the integrated blockachain the Tribler team also hopes to improve the speeds, and solve swarm problems with very few seeds and faster proxies.

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