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The online reviews succeed by replacing the “see and touch” of the off line stores

One of the emerging genres in the network is the reviews. In fact, one could say that leads being an emerging genre for years, but the truth are that as time goes popularity also is increasing. Consumers (and some specialized media) publish full articles of opinion about the products they consume and, above all, produce videos that show the characteristics of these products and services.

YouTube is full of testimonials where someone explains his experience with this product and which visits this content and reception of them never ceases to be positive. Consumers, the opinions of others love and before buying a product they feel increasingly tempted to look at what others have. Who has not sought each other’s opinion before giving the final ok to shopping, and who has not analyzed in a YouTube video two products before settling on one?

The online Reviews succeed by replacing the see and touch of the off line storesReviews of other online consumers are taking the ‘ok’ to your future purchase

The popularity of these contents is due to an issue that could see almost as logic and is heavily influenced by how times have changed consumption habits. The online reviews are on the one hand a kind of element of social proof, a kind of vote of confidence of others. Other consumers who have bought and they are giving the ok to a future purchase with their opinions as a kind of support that pushes you to buy in an environment with limited certainties.

Because, and here comes point two, in a space where you buy increasingly without looking, not really knowing what is at hand (internet has shored e -commerce and has made the products are not elements tangible but rather virtual issues that you only see so true after making the purchase), the opinions of other consumers and especially online reviews and unboxing video cause the product to become something ethereal and becomes something tangible.

Consumers are still love the physical and still like to see the product.

You could say that online reviews are the way to achieve it in a new environment and where it is impossible to see some tangible form. Moreover, the impact of these opinions and your weight begins to cover even beyond what happens on the internet and consumers begin to see them in many more scenarios and many more formats. The reviews are beginning to have an effect on many more purchasing decisions.

Key to the consumer Omnichannel

Brands cannot neglect, so look where you look, the weight of the reviews online

As noted in a study by Forbes Insights and Synchrony Financial, consumers, but leave large purchases for physical scenarios, they are already starting all purchasing processes in the online space. That is, although in the end they go to the store before making a study of what will find themselves making use of the network. The opinions of other consumers and online reviews are, therefore, the first checkpoint and research on products they want to buy. “Consumers do their homework for large purchases and is easier to do online,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer and head of CMO Practice in Forbes Media. According to the findings of the study, 82% of consumers start their research on products they want to buy online.

What can be drawn from these findings? On the one hand, the study confirms (again) that consumers are becoming more and more Omnichannel and increasingly expect the consumer experience more so.But on the other hand, these data not only confirm that brands cannot neglect, so look where you look, the weight of the online reviews.

They are like you and me

All these issues have to add another element that explains why these views are so successful and why consumers are increasingly making use of the opinions of others to establish their consumption patterns. Online reviews not only provide information about the product but also add another element of credibility that other formats do not have. Opinions leave consumers themselves and are consumers themselves who create this video content. What you see is what you get and the contents have therefore not trap or cardboard, or at least that is how consumers view them.

Buyers rely much more of these opinions, because they feel more identified with these consumers / pundits who are, in the end, like you and me. Unlike a means of communication, which is impersonal in their opinions and in the end it is assumed that can be purchased by advertising, the consumer feels that the other is speaking from the truth, from their own experience and that is therefore much more valuable and important.

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