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The different types of TV aerials

TV aerials come in all shapes and sizes and can cater for different needs. To help with installation needs, TV aerial installation Bristol company can be found here: http://aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk/.


Digital TV aerials are a recent development and can receive a far greater number of channels using digital technology than analogue TV aerials. To be able to use digital aerials, the right parameters need to be in place to receive the digital signal. It needs to transfer the signal down a digital compatible aerial rig and into the digital enable TV, for example, Freeview. Analogue aerials can still work with this, but they may not be as reliable.


Log periodic aerials are usually suitable for digital reception, but not always the case in areas with a weak signal strength coming from the transmitter. This type of aerial has different lengths and spacing of the receiver, which reduce towards the front of the aerial. This also means it is weaker and may give an unbalanced feed. Overall, in some circumstances, it may be better to opt for a different type of aerial for a digital TV as that can be a better choice.


In the UK, high grain aerials are common. These are used in a weak reception area and come in to their own as they are used to improve issues but not the solution to poor signal areas. This is due to the fact that the transmission is weaker, which means that the transmission is less high powered or further away.

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