The best extensions for Firefox that do work with Firefox Quantum

The best extensions for Firefox that do work with Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum has already landed among us, and to the delight of many it is an exceptionally striking browser version due to its great speed and commitment to new technologies.

One of these new technologies is precisely the change of the development model of the add-ons for the browser, which will now use the WebExtensions calls. This is good and bad at the same time. On the one hand we will have more powerful extensions and easier to develop, and on the other, many of the old supplements have stopped working.

However, Firefox is not short of extensions and it is not that difficult to find a replacement for those add-ons that no longer work. Nor is it a bad time to discover new extensions, also compatible with the best possible version of this browser. We recommend this dozen:

Tab Center Redux

This is one of my favorites, it is based on the Firefox Test Pilot experimentand serves to create a “tab center” on the left of the browser.

The experiment removes the tabs from the top and moves them to the sidebar. It’s an interesting way to use the browser, especially if you open so many tabs that you do not understand what the hell is in each one when they start to shrink.

Raindrop offers you a different way to store and manage your favorites . The extension lets you save complete web pages, images, videos, captures, or articles, and organizes them in a beautiful interface that you can visit each time you open a new tab or on your home page.

Dictionary (Google ™ Translate) Anywhere

This is the perfect extension to translate any text or word without having to leave the current tab . Once installed, each time you select text or a word, you will automatically see a translation button, when you press it you will get a popup box with all the possible meanings of a word, as well as pronunciation and language changes right there.

Swift Selection Search

Those who use Opera or come from Opera to give Firefox a chance, will especially appreciate this extension. What it does is create a pop-up menu automatically when you select text , but instead only display the “Copy and Search” options as Opera, Switf does to more alternatives, including different search engines.


Ideal for fans of GIFs. This extension allows you to capture any video on the web and turn them into animated GIFs, either on sites such as YouTube, or Twitter, or any one-page player. Also with the possibility of editing the duration, start and end of each GIF.


A must now is a simple extension to block the coinminers that are so fashionable and prevent any website from using the juice of your CPU to mine cryptocurrencies.


This is another of my favorites, one without which I can not live. With OneTab you have one of the easiest ways to * + manage tabs and save memory **. The extension lets you save any open tab in a list to have on hand without having to keep the page open consuming memory.

Suspend Tab

With this active extension the tabs you have open will enter sleep mode after they spend a certain amount of time unattended to save memory. the tabs are still there, only that they will be asleep waiting for your attention without consuming unnecessary resources.

subWatch 3

De SubWatch we have talked about before is an application that lets us know when they leave our series and favorite movies and find where to download them via torrents. With the extension you can receive notifications directly in Firefox when one of your series has new episodes.

Elite Download Manager

The Firefox download button is not bad, but this one is better. You have access to all your downloads from the pop-up box, you can manage the downloads individually, the icon changes depending on the status of the downloads, you can delete them directly from there, you can search, look at file size, time, pause and resume, etc. .

Privacy Badger

Already Firefox is one of the most aware browsers with our privacy, but if you are one of the most concerned about this aspect and the tracking and spying of invisible tracks and ad networks, with this extension of the EFF you have more control over what the websites you visit can or can not do.