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Silence them all! Twitter will finally let us deal better with abuse

The social network has a serious problem with trolls, harassment and hate speech. That bad reputation may have been one of the reasons why he left without candidates for purchase. The company is having a bad time. I recently had to lay off 9% of its workforce and announced the closure of Vine, micro videos the social network did not offer the best tools for users to control the conversation.

In a post on its official blog, Twitter admits that the water gets wet they have seen a growing trend of people taking advantage of the open nature of the platform to be abusive to others. And that amount of abuse, bullying and harassment inhibits people to participate in Twitter. That’s why they announce the functions they are working on to deal with the problem.

Improved mute function

Twitter has long offered a simple “mute” function to silence those accounts whose tweets we do not want to see in our timeline. Now this feature will eventually be expanded to allow users to mute key words, phrases and even whole conversations if you do not want to see notifications from them.

It’s a function that users have been asking for for years and that ironically exist in innumerable number of third-party clients, but Twitter has taken all this time having gone through a thousand storms and scandals. Although it is a bit bittersweet that these measures arrive so late, at least there is the consolation that they have begun to do something about it.

Twitter has also refreshed its terms and trained support team on the context of hate behavior. The company promises to start to deal more quickly and responsibly with the reports that are made within the social network. Offensive content can be reported to Twitter not only by the victim of the abuse but by anyone who is a witness.

These are the first updates that receive the policies of abuse and privacy of Twitter in a year. The new problem reporting function focuses on specific behaviors that attack people based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability, or disease. If you see any kind of harmful behavior of this type, you can report it to the human team directly dealing with the incidents.

The new features will be reaching all users in the course of the next few days. On Twitter at least they have been honest with the reason they take these new measures: users are leaving.

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