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Save articles or web pages in your inbox to read later and without distractions

Given the gigantic amount of information that constantly bombards us on the Internet, it is not surprising that there are several methods to organize, filter, and store that content in such a way that it is easier for us to digest it and to give us time to read all that we want to read.

Applications like Pocket or Instapaper are perfect for that purpose, because they let us save articles and pages to read later in a nice format without distractions. Now, these require that we create an account, install one or more applications and if one day they close like the old Readability, goodbye content. This is where an alternative like Email This comes in handy.

Email This is like Pocket, but in your mail. It is a simple service that will remove ads and any other irrelevant elements of an article and will offer you a reading with only text and images directly in the inbox of your email, so you can read when you have time.

The advantages are simple and clear, you do not have to install anything additional, you do not have to create an account, you have everything in your email and you can save what you want or simply delete the email once you have read it. You could even create a filter so that these emails go all to the same folder directly and thus avoid cramming your inbox.

Email This works with a bookmarklet. That is, a special button that you can add to your browser’s favorites and that when you press it executes code in JavaScript. All you have to do is write your email on the service’s website to create your own bookmarklet.

You will have to confirm your email address, and once this is done you will only have to drag the button like the one that appears in the GIF to your bookmarks bar and you’re done. When you want to receive an item in your inbox you just have to press that little button.

The bookmarklet also works on mobile devices, on the web you can read instructions on how to add it to your browser on iOS or on an Android device.

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