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Opera includes a currency converter in its latest version

Opera continues to add features to its browser to make it more attractive to users. As it is gathered in the blog of Opera, its last addition is a currency converter incorporated to change between currencies without leaving the tab that is visited. This has to be added to its integrated VPN – although our colleagues in have already proved that it is a proxy in reality – and its advertising blocker.

The new feature works very simply. You can configure the browser to display prices in the currency of your choice. This allows you to get a quick conversion when you select a price, using the daily rate of change of the Central Bank. Here you can see the converter running in the beta of Opera 42:

Given the high speed with which Amazon, Alibaba and other international e-commerce players operate regularly, this innovation could be very useful for many Opera users. As recorded in the blog:

Cross-border e-commerce is experiencing a boom all over the world. According to our research, in four years 45% of the world’s buyers will buy products from abroad in online stores. There are already, in fact, several countries in which more than 50% of the population does.

The new Opera 42 includes this feature, which also serves as an excuse to celebrate that the company has been developing browsers for 20 years. Other new features included in the software include redesigned personal feeds to keep track of the news and a shorter boot time.

The line of business of the browsers of Opera is about to be sold to a Chinese consortium for 600 million dollars. In total, the acquisition implies that Asians will get exclusive mobile and desktop browsers, their performance and privacy applications, Opera technology licenses – which do not include Opera TV – and 29% of the company’s shares in nHorizon.

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