Nine tools to create your own video game without programming knowledge

Nine tools to create your own video game without programming knowledge

During this last month and if you are a follower of our blog, surely you have noticed the launch of a series of posts that address the creation and enjoyment of different services without the need for advanced knowledge. Some posts in which we already collect some of the best web design tools for beginners, as well as others to devise our own logo and even others to create animations without touching a line of code.

Well, today has come the turn to games because, yes, it is possible to light some with more than decent results without complicating life or spending hours in front of the computer screen. In particular we are left with these nine, which we explain below in more detail.


For starters, GameDevelop is a creator of games in open source – you will find it on GitHub -, a multiplatform that, according to its developers, has been designed to be “used by all”, that is, no programming knowledge is required to use it. If you want to start it, you should download it and install it on your computer (for Mac OS X, our case is in beta).

Once opened, the first thing will be to select the type of game you want to create (platforms, war, etc.). We opted for the first option and a predefined template opens up before us, on which we can include different elements such as animated images, panels and mosaics, 3D boxes, dynamic lights and shadows and more.

The best thing is that we can also provide behavior to different objects, make them drag, automate tasks and the like. The platform also gives us the opportunity to design advanced levels and new interfaces through external models. A chulada.

Also, on its website you will find a wide range of tutorials, practical information (both in the Wiki section), as well as a forum in which to throw your doubts and proposals to the community, and a section in which to make donations. You can also contribute by correcting errors, sending new examples, improving the wiki, translation to other languages ​​and the like. Downloading other users’ games from the platform is another option.


Stencyl is another of the simplest tools when it comes to creating video games without knowing how to program. A utility – in beta phase 4 – of intuitive interface and also multiplatform that even has a graphical editing tool in the purest Photoshop style, an interesting feature if we want to create elements from scratch or edit them, modify the scenarios at our whim, and so on.

After downloading it – it is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux – you can see that its operation is similar to the previous one in terms of adding elements, characters, actions and other editable objects. The interface, however, is less variegated. In case of doubt, however, on the website you will find more information, tutorials, frequently asked questions, forums, examples of games created with this service, news, help and the like.

Once the project is finished, on the other hand, it is possible to take it to the App Store or Google Play. Of course, the free version limits the number of projects that we can export. You can also embed ads in order to get revenue from them and even write code if you wish.


Surely you’ve noticed that graphic novels are in fashion, especially in Asian countries. Well, and although it is somewhat different from the previous ones, RenPy will allow you to create yours, interactive, without complicating your life. Currently compatible with Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Linux is also open source and is an interesting alternative if your thing is to tell stories.

Its language is very easy to use and, in addition, it is well documented. The application has an editor in which you can create the game script , add animations, music, transitions, image maps and other elements to give you a window and personalize the narration.

Kodu Game Lab

Developed by Microsoft FUSE Labs, Kodu Game Lab is an integrated development environment that allows you to create games compatible with Xbox 360 and Windows from your PC that was designed to be used, even by the youngest of the home. Something that can help you to get an idea of ​​how easy it is to use it.

Also, its interface is much more attractive. We will start loading a world (moment from which we will have to choose the one that best suits the type of game we want to create, each of them is presented as if it were a slide and has different orientation labels. Click on play world To start editing you have to press escape.

It will be then when, in the lower area of ​​the screen we are shown different tools, a presentation that reminds us of the MAC utilities panel. Thanks to them we will have the possibility to modify the way in which the elements act in the game, the stage, and other parameters that you can already imagine.

On your official website you will also come across the different updates and their news (the last one took place four months ago), educational resources, specific and generic tutorials, explanatory videos on YouTube, discussion forums, additional information on the project in question and other data.

RPG Maker

As its name suggests, RPG Maker is designed to create games of the RPG type without knowing programming. It works with event systems and has a free version of a month (costs 69 dollars), a period during which you can enjoy its creator of characters and resources -the variety is very wide- in which you will have the possibility to customize the yours, share your games with your contacts and sell them and others.

Regarding the interface, the tools are located at the top of the screen and are more organized than in other applications mentioned, although we recommend that you see some tutorials before using it. In addition, the program puts at our disposal infinity of sprites, sounds, music, illustrations, drawings and others. To make things even simpler, include an example module.

On the other hand, there are many versions of RPG Maker (one of the best is the VC ACE version), and not only that, but it has a Scipting system in RGSS3 so that more advanced developers can touch other options of their game.

On its website you will find technical support, assistance, examples of games created with this tool, several forums to resolve your doubts and interact with the community, a blog, and other sections to join the program, contact those responsible and learn more about the company.

Construct 2

As for Construct 2 , it is a game developed by Scirra Limited with which we can create 2D video games in HTML5 format without the need to program a single line of code. Like the previous one, its operation is based on a system of events; Now, it’s more visual. In any case, it also has multiple actions, mechanics and predetermined behaviors; some elements that you only have to combine to give rise to your own story.

In addition, it lets you export the result to different platforms, share it on social networks and the like. Another of its virtues is that it has a wide range of documentation and tutorials with which you can quickly solve any question that you have on the fly.

The latter are organized by categories and levels. The site also has a blog, a section for teachers , a complete manual, several forums in which to interact with the community and other sections. The paid version (costs 99 euros) includes the option to export to Android and iOS, as well as the possibility of creating executables without using the browser.

Game Maker

Game Maker is designed for those who have a little more experience in this area because, although it does not present the complexity of a professional graphic engine, it is not so simple. In any case, it also has a drag & drop interface and lets us create games for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

One of its main advantages is that it allows almost any type of game to be created (even in 3D) and that it is one of the most complete. In addition and for those who wish, it has its own integrated programming language that allows you to create routines and other more complex actions. In fact, with this tool they have come to make games like Hotline Miami, which even has its adaptations for PlayStation.


If you are passionate about the classic fighting games, MUGEN you will love it. Yes, because this engine will allow you to choose the scenarios and characters you want and modify the different options to your liking. All if you need to opt for complicated processes or programming skills.

One of its main attractions is the selection and editing of characters that it allows. For example, they can come from images or sprites of existing modified creations, be created from scratch based on different elements, clone others of registered trademarks, and so on. The range of scenarios is also remarkable, because we find them at normal resolution, high resolution, scenarios with super jump (which have longer backgrounds), interactive and more.

On the other hand and given its popularity and large number of fans, you can always visit third-party sites and forums in which different users share MUGEN characters that you will always have the possibility to add to your own game. A point in which we must comment that the official page is out of service since this year for unknown reasons. In any case, the community is still active and you can download it from different links like this one .

Game Salad

Finally, Game Salad is another tool designed for developers, educators and young students who are beginning to feel passion for this world. To test it, this utility has a version that you can download for free on your computer (it is compatible with Windows and Mac devices).

Once in motion and as in many of the ones we have collected in this list, you can add sound effects, music, various elements and drag and drop behaviors to make the game come alive. Likewise and once we have finished, we can share the result on different platforms, market it, and so on.

The web also has a chatbot in which you will receive help, as well as with different forums, a specialized blog, help resources, and other sections with games of the month, highlights, Arcade, other works and more. We highlight the list of tutorials on your YouTube channel.