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Mark Text, a promising free, cross-platform, open source Markdown editor

Gone are the times when we just left Word, Writer or Pages at the time of writing. Since a few years ago, many text editors have emerged month after month and some are, truly, a genius . It is the case of Mark Text , the Markdown minimalist style editor that concerns us today.

We should start by making it clear that we are not facing a product as mature as Typora or iA Writer , nor as complete as QOwnNotes , but little has to envy of these.

The editor is compatible with the CommonMark specification and with the GitHub Flavored Markdown specification, it is free, open source and available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It’s not bad at all.

And the most important thing for many: it does not have a thousand elements in sight that distract you. When we say that it is minimalist, it is with all the letters.

Its interface is rigorously clean and its way of interpreting in real time the different expressions of Markdown, using Snabbdom as a rendering engine , is remarkably agile.

The key features of Mark Text

Mark Text began its journey relatively recently, in December of last year , and in this half year has progressed more than adequately polishing its already fine operation and adding functionalities.

These are some of the most outstanding features that currently presents:

  • It offers two themes , one dark and one clear.
  • It is possible to choose between three display modes in addition to the one presented by default: typewriter, source code and focus.
  • Supports most programming languages .
  • It has keyboard shortcuts course.
  • The aforementioned view in real time , thanks to the Snabbdom rendering engine, works excellently.
  • It has autocompletado of emojis as we can see in your preferences page.
  • It has menus to define the style of the paragraphs and the format more easily if we do not know the Markdown expressions
  • You can save jobs automatically so you do not lose anything.
  • It allows the export of documents to PDF, HTML and HTML with style .
Mark Text is compatible with CommonMark and GitHub Flavored Markdown specifications

The editor is built using Electron and continues to improve month by month. The last update that was received was launched in April and in the list of pending tasksaccumulate an important number of functions that will foreseeably arrive in future versions. At the moment, Mark Text goes for the 0.10.21 .

To download it, simply go to its updates page on GitHub and download the appropriate file for our operating system. The installation will take place in just a few seconds and we can use it immediately.

We will have to remain attentive to the evolution of this editor because in view of his current performance the truth is that he promises a lot.

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