Internet has changed us now act as a single collective mind

Internet has changed us now act as a single collective mind

Practically within 5 years, we will all be connected to the Internet through mobile devices and new tablets. Nothing to do with trends and technologies more than two decades ago when in 1990 the Internet was beginning to take its first steps as the global network that is today Do you remember how all this started?

Although it may seem incredible, its origins date back to the early 60s, although connectivity between people and their penetration of business and family, does not occur until the early 90s.

The origins of the network are focused on delivering information through simple texts, which were classified according to the data interpreted by browsers such as Netscape or Explorer among others. A one-way channel, “read-only” user information without any interaction.

Recalling seekers

The need to deliver information requires the creation of directories and search engines that allow us to more easily find information. Lycos sees the light in 1993 and later, Yahoo and Alta Vista became undisputed leaders of the network.

Internet has changed us now act as a single collective mindIn 1998 begins the decline of directories with the arrival of Google imposed new classification criteria in order of importance.

The arrival of Google is a paradigm shift for marketing and advertising. The ratings become relevant due to the growth of the network and algorithms begin their journey, becoming more demanding.

It was the era of the big internet portals. Window to a new world of content and services that supported agglutinated complex business models. The contents and present, were becoming hollow gradually in this network of giants information.

Technological innovation allowed us to be increasingly proactive, communicate better and be more efficient. The email and its immediacy, nothing had to envy the telegram and obviously even less connectivity real and retroactive time to which we have access today thanks to penetration and ease of access to the network through all kinds device.

The blog, the origins of the social

Later and after the need to communicate and interact as an inherent part of development, is fully materialized with the emergence of the blog or also called weblogs mid-90s, and which arise as personal journals where network users shared their stories and experiences.

In the mid-90s, it is when they acquire their peak of popularity, considered as the beginning of the interaction and anteroom of the birth of the figure of the prosumer. Blogs begin to take on new roles and leave the bad personal character to become many cases thematic, sectoral publications under a professional profile. Blogs begin to be a business.

The extent of the information and knowledge we have now access and exchanged without effort, together with our nature as social beings, are the pillars of this multifaceted and rapid evolution of Internet … (and ours)

Learning to communicate in real time

No doubt, since that birth or Yahoo! since 2000 in the Chat Messenger posed a revolution, we have come a long way in relation to all matters related to the exchange of information supported by social relations.

Gradually, the interaction between people over the Internet thanks to technology then prepared us for the landing and hatching networks.

Reach social networks

The social explosion begins in 2007 with the arrival of Facebook which is a structural change in how to inform, interact, communicate and develop. Shortly after that Twitter was again established new lines of communication in real time, and where information was how to be shared and spread very quickly.

Simplicity or change

Today we have access to the online press, receive and send emails from anywhere, we conduct meetings, talk with family, friends and work colleagues, buy birthday gifts or movie tickets through the Internet, we undertake, publish, consult, we learn, interact … all only a click, we are an active part of the construction of the new social order.

We have mobile and tablet devices with new features and connections, more efficient and faster than allow us to interact in real time with the world, without barriers or limitations. Change our mental processes, learning and change the way we interact socially.

From Yahoo! to Google+, the last great social network to join this party, almost two decades have passed cycle to realize that we are more capable connected. But still, we have great challenges insurance, development and evolution of technology will help us overcome because we are learning Sir doubt to act socially as a single collective mind whose members begin to understand the power of communication and digital relationships!