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If you find an error when downloading Netflix videos, it could be due to one of these limitations

In November 2016 Netflix finally arrived at one of the most anticipated features by streaming service users: downloading videos to watch offline with seemingly few limitations.

Although originally it seemed that the only limitation was the expiration of 30 days that the downloaded content has, or that you can only download videos on two mobile devices at the same time, the truth is that there are more limitations on what you can read in the same center. Netflix help.

If when you try to download a series or movie you find an error that tells you that you have many videos, you will be recommended to delete something and try again. This can be due to several things:

  • You may exceed the maximum limit of simultaneous downloads allowed by Netflix license agreement. That is, according to Netflix’s treatment with content distributors, you may not be able to download all the movies you like at the same time, if your licenses belong to the same owner.
  • The other thing is that there may be a limit on how many times you can download the same video again . Both limits are not disclosed to users, and according to the license agreement, many may not have them.

An indeterminate limit

This means that if you download content and it expires after 30 days, you may not be able to download it again as many times as you like if you reach the mysterious limit. Or, if you have to delete a video because it exceeds the amount of content you can have at the same time according to your license, you can also reach that limit.

That these restrictions exist should not surprise anyone, especially with the intricacies of content distribution agreements in the entertainment industry. However, it is something to keep in mind, especially those that go down a lot thinking that there are practically no limits. Limits of which you will not find out until you reach them.

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