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How to move a game installed on Steam from one disk to another without having to download it again

When you install Steam on your PC you can always choose by hand the directory in which you prefer to install the games that come down from the platform. Now, when it comes to moving a game that was already installed , the story was different, but thanks to a relatively new client function, you can change an even disk game without having to download a single file again.

If you have installed a new SSD on your computer, or simply switched to a larger hard drive because you no longer have space for so many games, Steam now allows you in a very simple way to change any game not only directory but drive.

Open the Steam app, and make sure you have the latest version of Steam installed on your computer. If you have an upgrade pending, install that first before starting. This process works by moving one game at a time, not the entire library.

You will need to create a new Steam folder on the disk to which you want to move the games. To do this, click on Steam in the top menu and then select Parameters . In the new window choose the option Downloads.

Now click the “Steam Library Folders” button and in the new pop-up window click Add Library Folder. This will open a menu that lets you browse folders and drives. Click the drop-down menu to select the drive letter of your new drive.

Choose your drive and then click Create Folder … “Type a name for the folder or leave the folder that is automatically placed, then choose the folder in the list and press the Select button . This requires restarting Steam.

Now the only thing left is to choose the game, or the games you want to move and navigate to them in your Steam library. Choose a game that is installed and right click on it, then select the option Properties.

Now you just have to choose the Local Files tab, then click on “Move install folder …” (which is not translated into Spanish yet). And choose the folder that we created in the unit a moment ago. Finally click on “Move Folder” and just wait for the process to finish.

The heavier the game and the slower your disk, the longer the process. Then, if you wish you can move the game back to the original folder, or add another one to another disk. There are no restrictions.

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