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How to delete movies from Netflix viewing activity

During the last two years, content streaming platforms have become an interesting alternative when it comes to enjoying movies, series and entertainment; Services that have changed the way of viewing the cinema and have ended up depleting markets such as cable television. And even though its variety is wide, one of the big favorites remains Netflix.

Its wide catalog, the commitment to own production and other characteristics are some of the virtues that have placed it in this position. However, there are certain traits that can also be experienced as a disadvantage. We are referring to the record of what we have seen in the viewing activity section. Why, what if it’s embarrassing and we share the account with another person? Fortunately, there is a way to erase it.

How to erase it

So, let’s say that we have opted to subscribe to the service with a friend and we have seen an absolutely deplorable series but that for unknown reasons has hooked us. Let us also say that we are not willing to let you know and that, of course, we want to avoid at all costs becoming the talk of the group.

Another similar situation can occur when we share the account with our young child (or vice versa, you do not want your parents to know what you have seen). Well, it is possible to avoid “dislikes” ending the viewing history of Netflix in a few steps; A simple way to preserve our privacy but that, everything is said, will not serve to save us undesirable recommendations of the system or to stop appearing the “because you have seen.

To start and if you are in the browser, access your profile and look in the right part of the screen the section “your account”. Here you can see your subscription plan and details, settings, a section of profile and another of gifts and offers. In this penultimate you will have the possibility to modify the language, to configure some aspects of the reproduction, etc; But also access the viewing activity .

Clicking it will automatically open a list of the viewing dates with the various titles (clickable to access the content in question). To the right of each content is a cross. Just press it to inform that we want to eliminate it from our viewing activity. This will occur in 24 hours.

If it is a chapter of a series, the platform will offer to erase it completely. When you accept, the system will select each of the chapters from the list and erase them after the said time interval (or less).

Unfortunately, what we can not erase are the last accesses to the account, which are listed in a specific section to access at the top and where we see the date and time, the location and the device from where we entered. Something that, we understand, responds to security reasons. We would also appreciate an integrated search engine that allows us to quickly find what we want to eliminate, although we can always opt for the traditional keyboard shortcut.

Apart from what has been said, another option offered by “My activity” is to report problems related to reproduction that redirects us to a predefined questionnaire with possible errors during the viewing.

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