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Five signs it’s time to change your SEO provider

You know your company needs custom from the internet and you know SEO is the way to ensure that customers can see your business. The bad news is that there is good SEO and bad SEO, and bad SEO won’t increase your business. It may even get your website penalised by moving it down the rankings.

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How do you know whether your SEO provider is providing what you need? If it is doing any of the following things, it is probably time to take your business somewhere else.

1: Your provider says it can get you top rankings in Google − for definite!

It can’t. Search engines such as Google are complex, intelligent, and ever-changing. There are just too many factors involved to be able to guarantee top results every time. A good SEO provider will know this and will not promise something it can’t deliver; instead, it will adhere to Google guidelines and use the readily-available advice and tools to ensure that you rank well in relevant searches.

2: There is no evidence that your provider can do what it says

If your provider says it can improve your search rankings and grow your business, ask to see a case study or some other kind of proof. If it is claiming it can give measurable improvement, it should be able to show you some evidence.

3: It promises to get you thousands of links

Backlinking is still important to SEO, but don’t be fooled by jargon or blinded by numbers. It is the quality of links that will make you stand out, not the quantity.

4: It offers content automation

As with links, it is quality that counts when you are considering content for your website. It is true that you need to publish fresh content on your website regularly, but it must be good content or it won’t engage your audience. Your brand will be judged on your content.

5: It doesn’t offer customised solutions

A good provider, such as Cardiff web design firm ambercouch.co.uk, will always discuss your business targets and your requirements before designing a package for you. If it doesn’t, then how can it possibly promote your business to your customers?

If you recognise any of these danger signals coming from your current SEO provider, it may well be time to look elsewhere!

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