Facebook could introduce advertising and ads on videos live

Facebook could introduce advertising and ads on videos live

Facebook is betting big on the live video, like many other social platforms.And these contents are broadcast in real time, get together in a given very broad audiences time and generate more engagement than traditional videos (according to data from Facebook, videos live are up to three times longer than the rest).

But although these videos get much success at the viewings, its attractiveness is less from the point of view of income: is that Facebook Live does not, for the moment, advertising, and that leaves no precious income both Facebook and creators of videos. Something that network Mark Zuckerberg has put solution soon.

According to reports Digiday are several publishers who have said that Facebook has already assured them that thinks put some advertising format in place and begin to test them soon, but have not given more information about how will the ads or the specific dates on which they’ll be available.

Facebook could introduce advertising and ads on videos liveIn any case, respondents considered unlikely means an ad-roll format, which is issued before the start of the video, but rather expect the ads are broadcast during breaks or times of low interest retransmission. It is, finally, after all, a strategy that has already proven its effectiveness on television, as this is what is usually done in sporting events such as basketball games, or galas that are broadcast live as the Oscar.

An advertising product for live video would be, as the media, today very attractive to creators today are not getting too monetize their content on the social platform, or through video or Instant Articles.

As Facebook Live gets momentum, including new tools for creating retransmissions higher quality, content creators are still trying to get an idea on how to make profitable this new channel, as Facebook, as usual, gives priority to create a powerful and disruptive platform distribution, rather than the economic benefits that would (especially the third).

As for their own income, Facebook hopes, probable, get revenue through brands that want to promote their own events and live video, and are willing to pay for it. And it is that Facebook Live can be very attractive for product launches, premieres and teasers.

Although Facebook has declined to comment on the upcoming inclusion of advertisements in live streams, he answered yes, to a question about monetizing Facebook Live Fortune was “not out of the question”.

Streaming videos gain relevance in the algorithm Facebook

You might Media live videos are not the best way to make money, but it is certainly a good way to achieve very broad audiences. And more if we consider that this month Mark Zuckerberg platform has changed the algorithm that manages the contents on the news feed of each user to give greater importance to these streaming videos.

Able to advertise in these videos that are gaining social weight, would certainly be attractive for brands, but also media and celebrities could give priority to make your videos live via Facebook Live (and not Periscope or YouTube Connect) if this is the first platform that allows them to monetize their creations. In any case, include advertisements in this format, it seems a situation in which everyone wins, brands, publishers and Facebook, except, of course users. Betting on a format least intrusive as possible can be important for the engagement of these live videos is still very high.