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Diogenes of tabs in Chrome? Try this extension

Ever since the eyelashes came to browsers more than a decade ago, all those old people who were accustomed to having a window for each of the websites we had open, we rejoice in this new way of adding simplicity and order in the small Chaos that was created when we navigated impulsively opening dozens of things at once.

But the chaos did not abandon us completely, perhaps we do not have a lot of windows stacked one on top of the other, but we have an endless number of eyelashes so crowded that we can hardly distinguish the favicon in them. That’s where the more and more interesting eyelash managers like Tabbie come in.

Tabbie is an extremely new extension, it was just released in its first release on December 29, 2016. It’s an open project and you can see the code on its GitHub page. For now its operation is extremely simple. Once installed, Tabbie will add a cat face icon (excellent choice) to the top Chrome bar.

Then you just have to press the CTRL key and click on the tabs that you want to select in Chrome. When you have chosen all you want, simply press the Tabbie icon and create a new group of tabs to save them. You have two options: save and close the selection, or just save the tabs. Pressing the “open” button of each group will open all the tabs at the same time.

Tabbie is in the bones, but he does what he has to do. However, it has room to improve and perhaps include some extra option or make it more beautiful in the style of Toby, another extension that we talked about in October and that came on our list of the best accessories of the year.

These plugins for browsers like Chrome try to fix something that seems to be increasingly broken, and that seek to help us ** better organize the inexhaustible flow of content that we continue to open by pressing the mouse wheel. Worth to try until you get the best we go.

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