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All you need to know about technical SEO

For the initiated, technical SEO would seem to be an extremely complicated process that is only understood by a select few people.  The aim of this  piece is to try and demystify that to some degree.  What SEO essentially tries to do is optimise the technical elements of the website so that it appears earlier on search engines.  To give you an example, if you are looking at using Google or Bing for the most part people will not look beyond the first page that comes up.   but technical SEO seeks to make sure that that web page is  included in the first page of the search. It’s why your company needs SEO Consultant Dublin based Ryco Marketing to come in and assist you with your needs.

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The technical elements of SEO that help to make this happen or as follows.  Firstly, the site speed of your website needs to be extremely quick.  The basic rule of thumb is that if it loads quickly then it will rank higher in the search engines as they will pick up on it quicker.  An increasingly important factor that has come to light with SEO is the ability of the website to respond to mobile phones.  Since its introduction onto a mobile phone the vast majority of Internet interactions occur via phone as opposed to a laptop or PC unit.

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There are still many other aspects to work through especially if there are broken links on the site which can slow it down.

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