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Advantages and Disadvantages of Plasma Polymer Composite Coating

Coating of substances with the help of plasma material by using monomer gas is known as plasma composite coating. In this process, the polymerization of monomer gas occurs with the help of plasma. Plasma polymerized coating is exerted mainly inside the vacuum chamber quickly after metallizing. It is completed without breaking vacuum. Plasma polymer coating has several key advantages over other types coating. Let’s study some of the advantages and disadvantages of this plasma polymer composite coating.

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Advantages of plasma composite coating

  • Uniquely even, thinner, clearer films are deposited in plasma polymer composite coating.
  • The coated films in composite coating have a significantly lower solubility and have excellent corrosion resistance properties, thanks to the films that are highly cross-linked.
  • Provides extra resistance against the majority of chemicals.
  • The coatings produced by the plasma polymer composite process have amazing adhesion to both metallic as well as the plastic surfaces.
  • With this process, clearer and shiny coatings are obtained. For more information on Plasma Polymer Composite, visit https://www.poeton.co.uk/advanced-treatments/apticote-810-plasma-polymer-composite/
  • Significant time is saved in coating along with the curing processes.

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Disadvantages of plasma composite coating

  • The coating with the help of plasma polymerization is no doubt useful, but this coating also has some disadvantages. Let’s discuss these advantages briefly
  • This type of coating is super costly.
  • This type of coating has low resistance to an abrasion
  • It has disadvantage of low deposition rates and only thin films are achieved.
  • The process currently being used in large scale is not fully developed. More improvements to the process are required to make it suitable for large scale applications.

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