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tenpin bowling

Why choose tenpin bowling?

If you are looking to introduce yourself or your family to a new sport, then tenpin bowling is a frequently overlooked option. Despite being relatively low intensity, tenpin bowling offers a number of health benefits and a few more benefits besides. Read on to find out why you and your family should be picking up those bowling balls today.

Health benefits

Bowling calls upon the muscles of the upper body and can actually improve muscle tone in the whole of the upper body and arms. It also calls upon a number of muscles in your legs as you bowl. Bowling may be low intensity but it still burns calories, which will aid weight loss, reduce stress and improve circulation.

Family bonding

Bowling can be enjoyed by anyone aged three years upwards and is a great sport for those looking for a way to enjoy some sort of physical activity with their children. While participation in many sports can actually take time away from the family, bowling can be enjoyed by everyone and provide quality time together.

tenpin bowling

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Once they are really good, you can reward the children with their own bowling ball or accessory from a stockist such as www.petesproshop.co.uk.

Improved coordination

Bowling is a fantastic way to improve your hand-eye coordination, and unlike a computer game it gets you off the sofa and on the move. Sport that requires this sort of focus is proven to increase mental alertness and especially improve the fine motor skills of children.

Social benefits

In addition to being enjoyed with the family, bowling can be enjoyed with friends. It is proven that those who spend more time socialising are generally happier and less stressed. With time to chat between turns, bowling combines sport and socialising into one session, making it the ideal sport for many.

Simple to learn

Bowling does not require learning a huge list of rules. The scoring and rules of bowling are incredibly straightforward and almost anyone can learn bowling in just a few minutes; however, refining your bowl may take years!

Bowling is a surprising rich game, offering a myriad of health and social benefits while remaining highly accessible to all ages and abilities. Whether you just play on occasion for recreation or start to compete in a local league, you will soon see the many benefits of tenpin bowling.

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