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Keeping Netball Teams Motivated in the Cold Winter Months

As a coach, part of the job is to keep your team’s morale up and to motivate players every step of the way, no matter what the circumstances. The cold winter weather can wreak havoc on a netball team’s motivation, as the idea of hitting the court in icy temperatures is less than appealing. Therefore it’s vitally important that a plan of action is put in place to keep players enthusiastic and focused.

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Netball drills are a great way to warm a team up, but there are several other ways that coaches can encourage players and keep their spirits high, even when the temperatures plummet.

Rewards Systems

Setting goals is a clever way of keeping netball teams motivated, and many coaches choose to implement rewards systems for players to strive towards. A team needs to know how to work together, but healthy competition between members can also serve as extra incentive on the court.


If a netball team has proven tough to beat or there’s a particular player that strikes fear in the hearts of opponents, setting a dedication is an excellent way to motivate players to do their best. The weather may be cold but trying to beat a feared opponent, even if it’s only in a figurative way, can be incredibly rewarding.

Plan Ahead

By informing a team of what kind of netball drills they’ll be taking part in and proving that a plan of action is in place, motivation to see the colder months through is far greater than if practice sessions are haphazard or have no direction. A site such as can assist in drawing up a concise schedule and creating training sessions that are beneficial and enjoyable.

Explore New Techniques

Winter is a great time to explore new techniques, try out strategies and test out theories that could improve game play. By doing this in the colder months players have something to look forward to, and by offering a team a challenge there’s more incentive to complete the task at hand.

Partner Up

Netball players can buddy up with a training partner in order to stay motivated. Coaches can assign tasks, and players can compete against each other in pairs in order to keep morale high and ensure that everyone has an incentive to participate.