Basic styles in swimming

Basic styles in swimming

The basic styles in swimming can be defined as the model or pattern of movements to beperformed and whose main purpose is energy saving. The four styles known worldwide as the most common when swimming are breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly and backstroke, also known as back. Let’s learn a little more about them.

Basic styles in swimmingMain styles in swimming

– Style Breaststroke or also known as chest: It is the only style which has its recovery stroke in the water, i.e. the recovery is water, and its phases do not have the thrust action. Their movement phases are as follows: grip or swept out, pull or sweep inward or recovery.

– Crol: In this style, swimmers use action arms and milkshake alternate feet. A complete cycle of this style consists of a complete action, a complete left and a variable number of styles of legs right arm. The movement of arms is alternative and as one moves forward by the airecon hand ready to enter the water, the other arm moves forward under water in the opposite direction to the other arm.

– Style Butterfly: It is one of the fastest styles, after crol. The realization of the butterfly uses a smoothie or dolphin kick with legs simultaneously downward and upward, that is, with both legs together and simultaneously, with the downward action which provides propulsion. The action of arms is also carried out simultaneously.

– Style Back: It is the only style in which the face is submerged in water, except in turns and exits. It consists of an alternative action of the arms and legs. Unlike the front crawl, the swimmers are on their backs, in dorsal position.

Of these basic styles in swimming what is your favorite?