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What tasks are done by a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper maintains financial records for businesses and individuals. They keep track of money coming in (commonly referred to as credits) and all money going out (commonly referred to as debits). They may use accounting software or another tool. They also keep up to date on transactions by reconciling bank accounts weekly and creating various reports. For Bookkeepers Hereford, consider https://office-support.co.uk/bookkeeping/

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Daily online bookkeeping tasks include checking emails first thing when they get into the office, as well as regularly throughout the day, and responding to customers or clients. Checking credit card and debit statements, invoices and receipts and preparing or uploading them to accounting software are also part of this task. If the business uses paper cheques and cash for payment, writing deposit slips and then delivering these to the bank is an important task.

Other daily bookkeeping tasks may include recording accounts payable entries into accounting software, requesting management authorisation to pay bills, processing payments on time, performing aging analysis and more. Keeping a close eye on inventory levels and ordering products or merchandise when necessary is an essential role for a small business’s bookkeeper.

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Depending on the nature of the business, other regular and often daily bookkeeping tasks may include running payroll or paying employment taxes to HMRC. Depending on the payroll schedule, this could be a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly activity. In addition, a weekly reconciliation of the bank account with the company’s bookkeeping software can be very beneficial to a small business.

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