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Ways to Include Plants in an Exhibition Display

When designing your exhibit, don’t forget to include some plants. They are a great way to create a focal point, draw attention and add interest. They also help with air quality, especially in large shows where many people are gathered. Here are some ways to use them in your exhibition display:

Creating a walkway is an easy way to direct visitors through your booth and prevent them from bumping into each other or getting lost. Using taller plants, like ferns or bamboo, makes the walkway more visible and gives it a softer, more natural look. Plants also provide a welcome break from the noise and bustle of the show floor. For details on Plants for Trade, go to Palmstead plants for trade

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Keeping your flowers and plants in pristine condition is the best way to impress attendees. This includes proper pruning, watering and fertilising, as well as removing leaves that are not in bloom to avoid discoloured water and stem blockage. If you are unsure what to do, check the specific guidelines for your flower or plant.

Grouping plants together to create a centrepiece works well, as does adding a single statement piece like a staghorn or fiddle-leaf fig. It can be a nice contrast to the rest of your display, and it will catch everyone’s attention when they enter.

Exhibiting a collection of different coloured houseplants can make an impressive focal point, especially when framed by a window. They also work well with a hanging display. Hanging baskets are an easy and effective option, but you can also turn a simple shelving unit into one by simply attaching a macrame rope to the bottom of it. This is a great option for showing off trailing plants such as spider plants, pothos and trailing ivy.

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A well-placed plant wall can help hide unsightly cabling, extra stock, bags, paperwork and plug sockets that are necessary for running your exhibit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a custom-made solution, try using an old screen or some wooden shelves and hanging plants from the rods.

Adding a touch of drama to your plant display is easy with some lighting. LED lights and fairy lights are an inexpensive way to add a little twinkle and draw the eye up and highlight your plant. They can also help to keep your exhibit looking fresh and attractive throughout the day when you are opening your booth.

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