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New EU settlement toolkit is available now to employers

The Home Office launches new toolkit to help employers and EU staff get to grips on how to gain “settled status” once Britain leaves the EU.

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HR practitioners

The launch of the toolkit comes after a survey carried out by the CIPD revealed that 90% of HR practitioners believe their staff would stay in the UK if they could achieve settled status. This means they would enjoy the same working and residing rights as they currently enjoy now. The CIPD is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, as explained https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chartered_Institute_of_Personnel_and_Development.

The Briefing Pack, as it is known, gives guidance to employers who have EU citizens working for them. The pack outlines how the EU Settlement Scheme works and shows EU citizens how they can submit an application to gain settled status.

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It also enables HR outsourcing services like those found at https://www.mushroombiz.co.uk/homepage/services/hr/ to provide clear up to date information to their clients.

The aim of the toolkit is to make the process as clear as possible to both employers and employees. According to market analyst Gerwyn Davies, who works for the CIPD, it means that employers won’t have to seek expensive legal advice on what actions they should take once 29th March 2019 comes and the UK leaves the EU.

Its release comes at a time when employers are being encouraged to talk to their staff about what different options are available to them and to make sure that their HR department understands fully the European Union Settlement Scheme.

Generous offering

According to Davies, the European Union Settlement Scheme is more than generous, offering workers the opportunity to bring over a range of family members, including grandparents. They will have the same rights as they would have had under the EU’s free movement scheme.

Davies added that this was a time when employers should reach out to see how they could help their workers through the complicated registration process. He said this could take the form of allowing them to use company facilities or even going as far as offering them financial assistance in gaining the settled status documentation.

The CIPD has said that it wants HR professionals, along with its members, to look at the toolkit and give feedback on how useful they think it is.

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