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Judge Dredd – Block Management Agency

One of the most iconic characters in the British Cartoon history is Judge Dredd. He is the law enforcement officer par excellence in Mega City One. A city that stretches from Montreal, Canada to Miami, Florida incorporating New York, New Jersey and Atlanta in fact all major conurbations of the Eastern Seaboard. Dredd himself should be looked at but were going to focus on the environment that he states he is the law in. We are going to be talking about the Blocks of Mega City One the place where most people live.

Dredd could have done we some extra help. The people at http://www.completepropertygroup.co.uk/property-block-and-estate-management/ could help out with that and they could help you too. The Blocks of Mega City One are complete cities in themselves. Following a devastating Nuclear War between the USA and the Soviet Union the world has become an irradiated wilderness. Humanity has been forced to live in vast continent-wide cities to survive. This are all over the world. America holds 3 All of Japan is one, Brit Cit is a London that covers the British Isles and the Russians have the Sov Block. Oz Cit is encased by the radback as opposed to the outback, and the Atlantic is a sea of sludge and pollution.

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The Blocks hold a salvation. Yes, you are one of 50,000 but at least it’s a home. Named after celebrities and dignitaries throughout the ages they represent a way to live your life without ever having to leave one. They are the ultimate self-contained unit. There are Gyms, Parks (not real) and Shops that cater for the citizens every need. Each apartment is roomy and comfortable so that there really is no need to ever go out on to the streets. As unemployment stands at 99% it’s best to try and keep yourself occupied with a hobby

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This is not to say you are above the law. The Judges are able to enter the Blocks to ensure that everything is within the Cities regulations at any time. There is usually a few standing Judges on a regular patrol anyway. Don’t feel the urge to say hello. You don’t want to have a conversation with them as you may well incriminate yourself. Many opted to join the Citi-Defence Militia. Mega City One was always under some threat or another. The Blocks created a sense of fierce loyalty Unfortunately combined with the boredom this led to violence namely block war. This could be started with only a minor issue and would generally involve the Judges coming in and breaking the fight up. Mega City One truly provided and example for the word dystopia.

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