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Is terrestrial TV being switched off?

It’s been several decades now since the majority of viewers were reliant on terrestrial TV. Yet news that this signal may now be being switched off is causing concern.

What Is Terrestrial TV?

Unlike cable or satellite TV, terrestrial TV is free to view by anyone with a valid TV licence. Programming is conveyed by radio waves, and many local news programmes are still delivered via this method.
However, now that so many viewers are accessing their TV shows through their broadband internet connection, the BBC has determined that the time has come to phase out terrestrial TV once and for all. This will save the BBC substantial sums of money. You can view Tim Davie’s (the Director General of the BBC) speech on the topic here:

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The end of terrestrial TV

The proposed switch-off date is 2030, so we are still some years away from this significant change. And for many viewers, there will be little adjustment to be made.

The BBC plan to focus on replicating the television and content streaming models like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus that are now popular. This will probably see a subscription charge being levied for those who wish to watch their programmes. A good broadband internet signal will be necessary, however, which could be a challenge for those living in remote parts of the UK, or those without the budget to pay for the fastest download speeds.

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A lot can change between now and 2030, so there is no need to worry if your property doesn’t have a great broadband connection yet. The UK Government scheme to roll out ultrafast broadband is still ongoing, and already more than 97% of UK homes can access broadband fast enough to enable a good viewing experience.

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Whilst the switch off of terrestrial TV may seem like a big shift, it is hoped that it will lead to a better viewing experience for everyone.

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