How a new boiler can save you money and last till gone 2030

Heating your house accounts for 55% of the annual energy expenditure of the average British family. At the very heart of this expense is the humble boiler. This means that if your boiler isn’t working optimally, you could be throwing a lot of money down the drain.

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Energy efficient boilers are becoming more popular and could save you hundreds on your bills.

Energy Ratings

The efficiency of your boiler is normally determined by the type of unit and its age, according to Boiler efficiency is normally categorised as a percentage and as of October 2010 all newly installed boiler units have to be at least 88% efficient.

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Boiler efficiency also comes down to the kind of model you have. A non-condensing boiler, for example, will waste more energy and therefore cost more, whilst a condensing one, which actually uses waste gases for use later on, is more energy efficient as a result and will save you much more money over its lifespan.

Options in Energy Efficient Boiler

For improved boiler efficiency you need to choose the model that is right for your home and one that can cope with your requirements whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Combi boilers: These heat water on demand when needed making them very energy efficient and cost effective. They don’t have a hot water storage capacity so aren’t as good for large properties with large families.

Conventional boilers: These are the most common type of boiler so they’re easy to replace. They have a connection with a water tank making them a good choice for families that need a lot of hot water.

System boilers: This is a compromise between the two above offering both efficiency and a large water supply.

Whatever model you choose it is likely that your 90% efficient new boiler will be cheaper to run than your old model, helping you to save on your monthly bills. It’s always best to get an expert’s opinion before you buy like the Cheltenham boiler installation professionals at

Other Energy Saving Tips

Put your heater on a timer. This way you can ensure your heater is switched off when you’re not at home.

Install double glazing to keep heat from escaping out of the windows.

Keep your radiators uncovered so they can work as efficiently as possible.