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Five popular motorway-eaters for 2016

When you regularly drive long distances, finding a comfortable car that won’t break the bank when it comes to fuel is an absolute must. Here we look at five of the best options.

Best for a comfortable ride

The Vauxhall Insignia provides the smoothest of rides, boosted by cruise control and good on-board technology including a revamped entertainment system. This diesel is that most elusive of beasts − powerful yet with excellent fuel economy. Recently given a design overhaul, the Insignia is a mile-eater that ticks most of the boxes if you regularly drive long distance. If you want to conserve fuel in other ways, an article in the Telegraph offers some great advice.

Best multi-tasker

If your commute takes you on a mix of motorway and urban roads, you might find the Skoda Citigo a good fit. Nippy enough to zip through the backroads with ease, it is also surprisingly refined when let loose on the motorway. Capacious enough to suit most family needs, it is also small enough to park easily. Many drivers opt to search the range at Leicester car leasing companies to find the ideal motorway car.

Best for the family

Conversely, if you are looking for a more substantial vehicle complete with four-wheel drive and general sturdiness, take a look at the Skoda Yeti Outdoor. This fabulous car has reconfigurable seats and an attractive interior. It also drives smoothly, making it ideal for longer journeys with the family. Browsing the range at vehicle management companies such as leasing.totalmotion.co.uk will give you some great ideas for the ideal motorway car.

Five popular motorway-eaters for 2016

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Best for style

For a car with a healthy dash of insouciance, look no further than the Volkswagen Golf GTD. This is probably as near as you are going to get to a diesel version of the Golf GTI and is top of the wish list of those looking for a nippy hatchback with style.

Best for safety

Many motorway veterans view the Seat Leon as the ideal car to take the slog out of driving long distances. Roomy in terms of both the spacious interior and the size of the boot, this car was certainly built with comfort in mind and designed with safety as a priority. The handling is superb and you will find that it eats up the miles with the greatest of ease.

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