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Be Our Guest

Holding a party can be extremely exciting and very stressful. Once you have sorted out the date and the venue there is still the need to figure out what food to serve and how much of it. Now most of us aren’t budding chefs and so the sensible thing to do is look for someone to sort this element out for us. http://www.freshandlush.co.uk are a good example of Caterers Shropshire who can take on this task for you.

But let’s take a look at one of the best scenes from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast where most of us wish we could ‘be their guest.’

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The whole thing seems at first like a fevered dream. Perhaps Belle is hallucinating it all. But no, as the Yves Montandesque candlestick Lumiere tells us “No ones gloomy or complaining when the flatware’s entertaining”. True, but they may be a bit concerned regarding their mental state as the plate starts pirouetting with the cutlery and several bier hall steins begin a Bavarian folk song revival. Belle seems to have the mental constitution of an Ox and she takes this all in her stride. To be fair she has been through enforced imprisonment and made a deal to live with a weird looking horned lion man for the rest of her life already in the film by that point so a bunch of domestic implements becoming sentient shouldn’t really be much of a stretch. As we can see below in the picture she obviously decides that she might as well go along with the madness and begins joining in with a little routine of her own

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The crazed candlestick proceeds to wind up the others and this serves as a good way to introduce the other characters. Mrs Potts fills a cup of tea and points out that the staff are finally very busy. Belle seems hesitant to drink from the cup of tea proffered to her. Perhaps that’s because the cup will actually ask her how the tea tastes and if she’s enjoying it. You start to realise these are a needy bunch who seem bent on getting recognition for their efforts. Lumiere also points out that they’ve been stuck like this for 10 years. Being a corkscrew must take its toll on you and it seems a bit unfair that the witch decided to bewitch the catering and domestic staff when she hexed the Beast. What had they done exactly? They hadn’t turned her away. It seems a bit unfair to curse them too. How did the Witch think this was going to help the situation?

You also have to feel sorry for Cogsworth. He is trying to maintain order in this chaos and no one is listening to him. Finally, a chandelier is lowered for no clear reason and the song reaches a crescendo that has even Cogsworth joining in only to be smashed out the way by Lumiere so that he steals the big finale.

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